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In case you didn't get to see the old pics from 2007-
2011 or just want to see them again.
(Weddings; Trips to the East Coast; Martin and Katie adventures
in LA, Grand Canyon, Catalina, Canada, museums ..etc...)
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Thanks for stopping by and checking out all the nifty stuff Martin and I have been up to this year. I know its been a while since I've
updated this site.... hopefully most of you are friends with me on various social media sites and have still been kept up to date.
Anyway, I'm gonna try and do better! Enjoy!       
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I'm still selling Tupperware! Why? Because it is
awesome and reusable, thus good for the
environment and I love to do my part. If you are
interested in some really great products for your
home, then go check out my website and make a
Martin and I are having a baby!! Meet Artichoke,
due March 20, 2014.
Martin is still working at
the same law firm and I am
working at
American Girl
Place, doing visuals!
Here are some pictures
of Martin and me having
fun in LA in 2013!!
Our Anniversary 2013!!
I'm also still
working with my
girl Cassadie at
Banana Republic
making the
windows look
Chinese New Year in Chinatown 2013!!
Casino Night with friends!! March
Fun with friends in LA 2013!!!
Here are some of our nifty visitors to LA in 2013!!!
Martin's brother, Dan, came to  
visit us and hang out on the
Wine Tasting and the beach in Malibu!!! July
Earth Day at Descanso Gardens in Pasadena!
Dinner with my
Disneyland with my friends Shelia,
Nick, Emily and Minnie Mouse!!
Disneyland with my girl Shelley!! February
Disney with my buddy Nick again! March
LA Dodgers game with Mark and
Easter 2013!!
Easter Egg Hunt with my friend Barbara
Lutheran Church of the Master!!!
My brother Chris and his family came to visit us from
London for the month of
August!! Click for Pics!  
Yeah, I take a bunch of pics of my niece and nephew!
Baby Shower for my coworker
Brittney at
AGPLA!! September
My college roomie Emily and Stephanie came to visit from
Chicago!! Eddie is such a cute little baby!!  
"Levitated Mass" at LACMA!!
Up above the city of Los Angeles!!
More Disney fun during Halloween!!
Martin reading an excerpt from Ulysses on
Bloomsday at the Hammer Museum!
Martin's Family came to visit!! Once again I
took too many pics of my nephews so you
Click here for Pics!     June       
view from Martin's office
At the El Capitan theater to see Peter Pan
with Jake and the Neverland Pirates with
my friends Dan, Shelia, Emily, and Nick!
With lunch at the Disney Soda Shop of
My niece and nephew came to visit in
January with their folks!! We had way to
much fun as usual!!
Click for Pics!
Martin and I learned about the Earth and Space
at the
Jet Propulsion Laboratory on Earth Day!!
My college friend Katharine came to
visit and we gave her the proper LA
tour as well as a trip to
Fox Studios
Disneyland!!  July
LA Kings Game with my girls
Shelley and Dana!!
Kubrick Exhibit at LACMA in June.
Long Beach Aquarium fun with Nick,
Emily and Shelia!  
Baby Shower at church for Amanda
and baby Charlie!!  
Game Nights at church are
always fun!!  
Helping out at the LA Marathon with
LCM!   March
Our super talented friend John
painted this awesome painting.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Trip to San Fransico for our friend Lynne's Wedding and we roadtriped with our great friends
Shelley, Cassadie and Mark. We had a great time and hit lots of touristy things like the
Disney Family Museum, Coit Tower, and the Exploritorium. September
Date Night at the Kodak Theater to see Cirque
Du Soleil's Iris!! It was awesome!  January
We had a magical night at the Magic Castle in March!
In May, I found a giant frog hanging out in Malibu!
Mardi Gras at the Grove!
Martin's Birthday Trip to
Paramount Pictures Studio and
the VIP Tour, complete with lunch
on the set of
Dr. Phil!!
My awesome family came to visit! My little brother
was all skinny and my Dad went Sailing!!  
Rainbow birthday party in the park for my little
friends Nick and Emily!!  
We traveled a out of LA a bit too!!
We took a trip to Ohio to see my family!! Everyone was in town and we went sailing on Mom and Dad's boat! It was a Family/Wittenberg Homecoming!
Martin and went to a Printer's Festival in
September at the nifty International Printing
Had some fun at the Renisance
Faire in April with my girls!!
I may have gone
to Vegas too...
but, yeah this is
all I can show
In August, we went to a special sneak peak
and book signing of the
The White Queen.
Trinette and Me!!
Halloween Trip to the LA Zoo!!!
Halloween with Pirate Shelley!
November at the Huntington
with Amanda and Charlie!
Nutcracker in December!
Dinner at a local hot spot!
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year
from Flat Katherine and Flat Martin!!!

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