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Life with the Hunts in Los Angeles!
In case you didn't get to see the old pics from 2007-
2011 or just want to see them again.
(Weddings; Trips to the East Coast; Martin and Katie adventures
in LA, Grand Canyon, Catalina, Canada, museums ..etc...)
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2014 has been good to us!! Most of you have met baby Gloria!! The cutest thing ever!! We hope you enjoy all the
cute pictures below of our adventures! If you haven't met baby G yet, come out and visit us anytime!!
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Last year we sent out Flat Stanley cards and
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send us a family picture and a nifty pic or
postcard of were you live. Gloria is going to
love looking through all the family pictures
later when she is older.
Gloria Greco Hunt
born March 1, 2014   3:10pm   6lbs. 6oz.   19.5 inches
Martin is still working at the law firm and
has a great view. I am still trying to do
theater and sell Tupperware.
Gloria made these 4 grandparents very happy!!
5 months old
Gloria just gets cuter month by month.
2014 was very exciting with a new little squish!!
We celebrated Martin's birthday and I waddled
through Disneyland with my pal Shelley.
We received a visit from my cuz Sara and family; I went
to a pirate show with my gal Shelley; Cass and Shell
through me an awesome baby shower that included
making onesies and my mom was able to attend; We
took parenting classes and then on the last day of Feb
we went to the hospital thinking labor might be coming..
nope they said go home not time yet..
Well as most of you know, Gloria decided to arrive March 1st
(20 days early) despite what the doctors said the day before.
{pics above} March was full of rest and visits from friends and
family. Church threw a lovely baby shower for baby G and her
friend Kate who was born the day before, however we all were
still in the hospital so they had the shower with us! :-)
Gloria became more expressive in April, and attended her first cast party in
Malibu; She met lots more family and friends and even her aunt and cousins
from London; Cousin Ella liked Gigi so much that she mimicked me with her
baby doll; Gloria went to IHOP for the first time with her daddy, attended the
Renaissance Faire, and went to her first museum; She also thoroughly
enjoyed her first real holiday!
More family and friends came to visit Gloria; Martin and I
celebrated our 4th Wedding Anniversary; I worked on a play
and Gloria was my little props assistant; I celebrated my first
Mother's Day; and Martin got a handle on this whole parenting
thing; Gloria went swimming for the first time with friends; She
celebrated her first Memorial Day; Gloria and I also went on a
few play dates; and of course she was baptised May 5th at our
church LCM, surrounded by friends and family.
In June Gloria really got into books and got her own library
card; she loves going to church and out to eat with her daddy;
she went to her first outdoor movie; her birthday buddy Kate
got baptised; I snuck out one night for a Mom's Night Out to
see a movie; Her cousins Ella and Carter came back to visit
and brought their folks, lots of fun had by all; Gloria's other
cousins Patrick and Brandon also came to visit and brought
their folks.
July is the best month because it's my birthday month. Gloria also had a
lot of fun at 4 months. She likes reading in the bathtub, taking selfies with
mommy, strolling the boardwalk and playing in the park with her friends.
My folks came to visit for the 4th of July too. (Doesn't Gloria look just like
me as a kid?) We also got to visit with Christy and the kids. I worked props
on a couple of plays. Gloria's church friend Charlie had his first bday party
and it was epic. We did lots of fun things for my bday month, including a
Pirate Princess Show, Once at the Pantages, Rosco's Chicken and
Waffles, Morton's Steakhouse and of course Disneyland!!!
We spent a lot more time with Ella and Carter in August.
My folks came back too and went to the beach a lot.
Gloria met a few more friends, did some sightseeing,
went to museums, and beach birthday party. Mimi also
came back for a visit. Gloria helped me work on a few
more plays. She also loves ready with her daddy and has
been know to fall asleep reading a book or two, just like
Thanks to Martin I got to have a night out at Disney with
my mom friends! I worked on another couple of plays
and Gloria was such a good helper that I got her her very
own power drill. Gloria loves going to the beach and
story time at the library. She got her first kiss from her
friend Pyste. Her favorite activities remain reading and
napping with Daddy. We are still working on solid foods
and Sunday afternoon play time with Kate and Charlie is
always entertaining.
Much of October was spent at Disneyland. Might as well get the most out of our pass. One day we even had the
talented Morgan take picks of us and our friends and got some really great shots. Gloria loves being around
people, sometimes she thinks she's a unicorn though. Gloria had her first trip to the UCLA baby lab, where she did
a great job. I discovered how fun it is to make memes with Gloria's angry faces. Gloria went to see Tangled at the
El Captain Theatre with Lucy and me. She also met some of Martin's friends from DC and went to a cast party at
Jason Alexander's house. Gloria went her first kids play. We got to see the Stanley Cup thanks to my friend
Shelley. I think we also went a bit overboard with Halloween outfits, but she looks so cute!!
Gloria went to her first Kings game, sadly we lost. We may have hit up Disney a few times in
November too. Santa was at Disneyland making an early appearance in town before the
Holidays got crazy. Gloria drove her first car. She also continued to play at the park with
friends and rock adorable fashions daily. She got her first Diploma, from UCLA baby
language dept. Then started her first epic vacation. Which included her first flight and
longest roadtrip. We flew to Ohio to see my folks, some family, some friends, and her Uncle
Greg preach at church. We then drove to Memphis with my family to spend Thanksgiving
with my mom's side of the family. Fun was had by all and we celebrated Gloria's great
grandmother's 90th birthday. Her great grandmother is the Gloria that little G was named
after. I was glad they got to spend sometime together. We had a blast hanging with family, so
much fun that I forgot to take pictures of everyone.
Our vacation continued into December, with a roadtrip to Florida. Gloria
went on her first sailboat ride on Grandmum and Grandpa's boat the
Hakuna Matata. In Florida, we hung out at the pool and played at the
park. We got to see some family on Martin's side too. Then we flew to
DC to see Martin's folks. We also got to see my Cuz MJ and family, as
well as a few friends. Gloria really liked hanging out with her family and
exploring the city her daddy grew up in. Martin and I got a few nights
out without the squish. We celebrated Christmas a bit early in DC. We
drove to Pennsylvania for Martin's cousin's wedding. It was Gloria's
first wedding and we all had so much fun. We may have stopped in a
brewery too. Then we flew home to have a quiet Christmas and see my
brother and his family. We spent some fun time in the California sun at
the beach making gingerbread house. Gloria really enjoyed her first
Christmas. Did I mention that Gloria got her first tooth and said her first
word? (Mama)